Wind Generator for Karibu

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In attempting to upgrade our yacht’s power system I started looking around for a replacement wind gen for the Rutland 913 that was destroyed in a wind storm in Hout bay marina South Africa, while I was away in Victoria with Barbi. The wind storm was so strong that it bloke off the wind gen pole, and it hung upside down for a month, getting salt water in the base. The whole unit seized from the salt and when I got back a month later I had to throw it away as the cost of repair was greater than a replacement.
Karibu was soon to be on her way to Victoria, by container so I decided not to replace it at the time.
Now that we had started to think about a replacement I got to my computer and started the search for a suitable replacement. The one we decided to go for was the Air X or the Air Breeze, ok so the Air X is no longer available so it has to be Air Breeze at 140 watt or the Air 30 at 400 watts. The price of these seems a bit high, the X marine at $1200, and Air 30 at $950 but not the marine version. This was a bit of a dilemma, what is the difference between the marine and the non-marine. At $955 the new Rutland 914 is also out of the question. After some checking it seems that the difference between the two is that the marine version is powder coated, whereas the no-marine is plain aluminium. So this got the grey matter working again, when an aluminium boat is made, the recommendation is no paint, if paint is chipped the corrosion steps in rather quickly. So why pay the extra for a coated unit?
More searching and what should I find on eBay, a powder coated wind gen 400 watts 12 or 24 volt for a grand price of $269 US, that was about $277 CA. Now even better for me, this was coming from Blaine in the US just across the border and included free shipping to Victoria, something unheard of. At this price it was worth a try, so with an online purchase concluded I just had to wait for the unit to arrive. To my surprize 2 days later they dropped this large box off at Barbi’s work, I had not even explained to Barbi that it was on its way, deliver could not have been quicker.
After opening the box and inspecting each part I am happy that at least the quality looks good, the next test will be to mount it and see how it actually performs. My thoughts are if I only get 200-300 watts out and it lasts a few years I would have recouped my investment of $300 including Canadian taxes and delivery. The old Rutland 913 hardly ever gave me more that 100 wats anyway and the cost was double this.

My job starts now, I have to get the pole welded back on, and the new generator connect to the regulator to see what happens. The disappointing thing is that as we progress into summer, the wind gets less and less. I hope that this has been helpful, and I will comment again when I have some results.

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