A memorable excursion to the Cenotes, Riveira Maya, Yucatan, Mexico

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On a recent trip to Riviera Maya we decided to book this excursion – It was a day I will never forget! From the moment we met our tour guide we knew we were in for the time of our lives. We were driven into the middle of the jungle to a pristine eco-friendly archeological nature park where we were treated to breakfast of coffee, hot chocolate and fresh pastries. It was a welcome snack and got our group of 16 interacting.

Our tour consisted of a visit to 4 Cenotes each very different from each other. We were asked to take a shower to wash off any trace of oils, sunscreen, or lotions, then equipped with helmets, life vests and harnesses in preparation for our rappel down the cliff into the first semi-open Cenote – at no time did any of the group feel afraid as precautions and safety measures were strictly adhered to. Our guide was extremely informative, telling us the history of the Cenotes (natural sink-holes) of which there is believed to be over 6000 in the Yucatan state, Mexico.

Our decent took us into the cool fresh water of a cave and was the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. The indigo coloured water is crystal clear and very deep. We were able to swim, dive or jump off the platform.

Our second Cenote was completely open, however, we entered by zip-line from the limestone cliffs surrounding it. For the less adventurous a seated harness makes the entry into the water less daunting.

Much to my amazement the next Cenote was entered by snorkelling through the waterways surrounded by small fish, then under a low entrance into a dark semi-underground cave which opened up into a spectacular grotto. Stalactites and stalagmite formations adding to the unique beauty
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From here we headed to our next adventure a kayak down through a gorge and along the river flanked on both sides by vines and lush greenery.

Lunch consisted of hot tasty vegetable soup, various cheeses, cold meats, salads, scrumptious tropical fruit, wine, beer, water, coffee and dessert. Although it rain on and off throughout the day, the temperature was warm and the excitement kept us exhilarated.

the final part of our trip was a swim in the river but by this time is was late, as we had stayed longer than planned on the zip-lines so after more refreshments we made our way back in the van to our hotels singing and chatting, since by now the group was at ease with each other – a stranger is just a friend you do not know, right?

I could not help but come away feeling as if I was regenerated by the spirits of the ancient Mayans who held these secret untouched places as sacred treasures. I hope they will forever be protected and revered.

I highly recommend this excursion! 5 stars!!!

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