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The Yarrow gypsies

Goldstream Marina

have taken the plunge and decided to return to their yacht up in Cold Harbor, Alaska so that they can affect repairs and move south again.

They had been staying with us while watching the weather up north, and Alec decided that there was a weather window that looked great for them to move. They purchased their tickets for the plane trip up to Anchorage Alaska, where they met up with some friends who drove them west so that they could catch the ferry to Cold Harbor where their yacht is on the hard.

being watched by the Malahat totem.

Cherry says that their three day ferry trip was awesome, but the temperature is a considerable drop from what they were used to down here in Victoria.

They have now been back on their yacht for a week and Cherry is in contact with Barbi and is saying that even the residents are complaining about the cold, I can just imagine how these poor South Africans feel so far north and in such cold weather. I suspect that though the temperature is cold and that they would like to stay huddled up to keep warm, it is a great motivator to get all the repairs done so that they can get out before they are stuck there again for next winter.
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Alec has to replace the two sail drives, he believes that this should not take longer than a week, but I do hope that the cold does  ot slow him down.

There was a delay with the mast and sails that are being shipped from South Africa due to some custom clearing issues, so they are waiting in anticipation for this to arrive so that they can step the mast and hoist the sails for a quick get away.

Our thoughts are with them and pray that they do not have any mishaps or unforeseen issues as the lead time to get parts there is quite long and our warm hearted friends could easily fall foul of the weather.

Keep up the good work Alec and Cherry, we look forward to seeing you again here in Victoria, but this time on your yacht!

hey Alec and Cherry, remember the fun we had at Ho Tong

Having dinner at Ho Tong with friends.

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