Desolation Sound Sailing Trip – Log 4

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17 June 2013

Scooners Cove showing WG (restricted area) and islandsWe woke at 7:00am to get an early start as the weatherman has issued a weather warning of strong Southerly winds for the early afternoon, and thunder showers in the late afternoon and evening.

We heard this from the yachties at the meet-up yesterday and thought it best to leave while the current is pushing north. As members of Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club (SNSYC) we have reciprocity with Schooners Cove Yacht Club so we phone ahead to tell them we are on our way and are told that wharfage is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. We work out that our trip should not take more than 3 hours.

hugging the coast on our way to Schooner bayWe have made arrangements to meet good friends of ours who live in Parksville, 20 minutes from Schooner Cove. We want to take them out for dinner and Ken has told us to give him a ring when we arrive and he will fetch us.

At 8:00am we leave the mooring buoy, we have the whole bay to ourselves – not a single boat in sight. By 8:20am we exit Departure Bay and enjoy the sunshine and calm weather. It’s a little too calm for Wolf who wants to put the sails up. We are motoring steadily at 5.5kts when I spot a yacht to port. She is pitch-poling like crazy and next I see the 2 crew members waving and beckoning us to come closer. There is absolutely no wind and as we approach them they ask if we can give them a tow into Schooner Cove since their engine has overheated.

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11:15am – we arrive at the Schooner Cove Marina – we are told that we can anchor alongside E dock but it is not long enough for both Karibu and Perpetuity, so as we approach we cast off the towline and move away in order to allow Perpetuity to glide into the mooring. Luckily the mooring manager is on the jetty and tells us to go to B jetty, which ends up being so much more protected and sheltered from the bad winds that come through in the afternoon.

Karibu tied to the jetty in Schooner Bay11:30am – securely tied to the jetty we walk up to the Marina office. As members of SNSYC we ask for reciprocity and we are requested to fill in the visitor’s book and pay $5 for shore power (we don’t really need the shore power as we are fully self-sufficient with 2 x 55watt solar panels and 1 x 130 watt panel) but it is convenient to keep the fridge running and to use our laptops for our blogs and internet connections. We are given the codes to the washrooms, laundry and gate as well as internet access. All the formalities are complete. What a pleasure – too easy!

We head back to Karibu and I prepare lunch. The wind has definitely picked up and the clouds are rolling in. The monohulls are swaying and swinging on their moorings like corks bobbing at the end of float-lines. Karibu is tucked snugly behind the breakwater which consists of a high wall of massive rocks. All we hear is the slapping of shrouds against the masts and the lapping of the water against our hulls.

Schooner Cove with fuel dock in the foregroundKen arrives at 2:30pm and takes us to Home Hardware to buy some roller-brushes to paint the deck and then to Napa Auto Parts to buy an extra oil filter. Mitts is waiting for us at their house and we spend an afternoon and evening with them. catching up, chatting, laughing, and creating a vision and goals for the future. They are a real blessing to us, as are all our special friends. Mitts prepares a feast for us and we leave them satisfied in body, mind and soul. Thanks guys, we appreciate you very much.

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