Desolation Sound Sailing Trip – Log 16 (Final)

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29 June 2013

It’s 8:10am by the time we finally leave Thetis Island. The sky is a perfect unbroken blue canopy stretched overhead. The temperature is a pleasant 23⁰C. I really love Thetis Island. The people are down to earth and welcomingly friendly.

We heard from our friend Malcolm, who also has a catamaran, he is at Genoa Bay, so we head over to spend the last night of this trip with him – to catch up on his news and to share ours. Tomorrow we will tie up at our new home in Van Isle Marina.

Oh… my… gosh! Today is the most perfect day to be on the water and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see new places in my beautiful British Columbia. It’s not called “Beautiful British Columbia” for nothing – the official website for BC is and from their website one reads this description – I couldn’t say it better!

“It is a land of unlimited adventure filled with jagged mountain peaks, roaring rivers, serene lakes, green valleys, rugged coastlines and ancient island archipelagos.

The mountain ranges, which dominate the northern landscape, were shaped by volcanic fire. The rugged, heavily forested valleys between them were carved by glaciers, which at one time covered most of the province.

Much of Northern BC is preserved and protected by a world-class system of provincial parks and nature reserves. The stunning landscape features turquoise-colored glacial lakes, alpine meadows, hot springs, volcanic cinder cones and a miniature Grand Canyon.”

The beauty is astounding! Genoa Bay is another favorite sheltered mooring… a breathe of fresh air; where one can choose between tying up at the quaint interesting marina or moving deeper into the lush tree lined northern end of the bay and dropping an anchor alongside a few boats drenched in sunlight where a green meadow tumbles to the shore and the majestic towering mountains stretch up to meet the blue sky. We choose to raft alongside “Malana Cat” and spend an interesting and enjoyable afternoon and evening with our friend; speaking well into the night about sailing; about far off warm tropical places and freedom from the snares of urban life.

Reality hits as we wave goodbye to Malcolm and make our way in peace and tranquility through the water on our last leg home. What a trip!

It was calming, educational, inspiring and rejuvenating… A time to look outward at the natural wonders that surrounded us, to look inwards at the path our lives have taken us and where it will lead us in the future, and upwards to the great conductor who orchestrates it all so perfectly.

Thank you for reading my blog and for the many emails and comments –

Till our next trip I would finish my log with this excerpt:

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