East African sailing trip – Log 12

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July 30, 2004

BD island
Bartholomeu Diaz island

6:00am we wake up and look out to a gray dull day. The mist still covers the little bay and a light rain covers the boat. Wolf dresses rather hurriedly and I wonder what he is up to. I am too snug and comfortable in my bunk.

I see him standing on the bow with his fishing rod in hand, Bill has had no luck catching fish and I think the challenge is on to see which of them will pull in the first one… No luck!

Next He comes to tell me he is going out in the dingy to troll.

Karibu touches bottom, the tide is extremely low. I listen to the SSB radio for the weather forecast and decide to clean the waterline. The sun burns through; the mist dissipates: the wind vanishes and we have a wonderful day

blue moon - the 2nd full moon in a month
blue moon - the 2nd full moon in a month

At sundown we visit on Moonshadow, after a supper of hamburgers made with my bread-rolls and chips, followed by a few rum & cokes we persuade Bill into playing his guitar & singing while Jen accompanies him on the bongo drum. Some good laughs enjoyed by all.

July 31, 2004

It’s a BLUE MOON (the 2nd full moon in the same month) At 3:00am the crew on both yachts are awake, engines on and moving deeper into the bay. The Easterly blows us closer to the shore and the skipper’s feel it is safer to move away. Back to bed and into dreamland for a few more hours.

The day is spent doing chores around the boat, exploring the beaches around the bay with an unsuccessful fishing attempt in the evening. We are longing for fresh fish.

August 1, 2004

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poling past Karibu
Local fishermen coming into the bay

I sleep soundly and Wolf is up at sparrow, he kisses me and tells me he is off to catch a fish. Bill has beaten him to it and has a head start. I close my eyes and hope to doze off again, but decide to make the most of the day.

No sooner am I in the cockpit still in my PJs when I see a local boat being paddled out towards the yachts. They have noticed the guys going out and might have thought that nobody was onboard. I dress quickly and go out onto the deck and they quickly alter course and paddle in the other direction.

anzac biscuits - recipe from Jan on yacht Yawarra
These chewy yummy biscuits are simple to bake and delicious to eat

Wolf is back, we eat breakfast, I bake a batch of “anzac cookies” (see the recipe under the Recipe tab on the navigation bar) and we head off to look for some reef.

Bill is doing some maintenance and they will watch the yachts. We finally arrive at a sand spit and long way off, trolling unsuccessfully along the way. He notices some rocks and snorkels around.

The sun bakes down and by the time we arrive back I realize I spent too long without a covering. The locals have moved onto the dunes into 2 vacant huts so it will not be advisable to leave the yachts unattended. We take turns in staying onboard.

August 2, 2004

BD boats anchored in their featherbeds
This island is so isolated with only a handful of local fishermen and us

Wolf leaves at the crack of dawn for his fishing expedition but comes back empty handed. We decide to go out in the dingy despite the bumpy sea conditions and thumping SE wind.

We motor down to the Southern point of the Island. It is stunning… totally isolated and devoid of other humans.

We admire the beautiful shells and chug around looking for divable reef but only find some scattered rocks with very sparce coral growth, which looks as if it is just starting to grow.

We are really disappointed that we have not yet found ideal diving or snorkeling conditions, even though we have been on this trip for six weeks.

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