East African sailing trip – log 17

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August 23, 2004

5:30am we lift the anchor and set a course for our next landfall. This time for Ilha Moma which is 20nm away. The motors are still being starved of fuel and Wolf is going to have to do some serious investigating once we reach a safe anchorage or somewhere where we can come out onto the hard for a few hours.

baby whale eye -
Close encounter of the whale

He is trying is trying to install a manual pump which he has taken from the petrol tank on the dingy and we flying the spinnaker – correction – trying to fly the spinnaker as the anemometer reads .00kt of wind.

The sea is a glassy lake and the day is warm. I experience the most amazing encounter when a baby whale that comes too close to our yacht makes eye contact with me, before it is joined by mum who escorts it swiftly into the deep.

Oh my gosh… my heart is still racing and the adrenalin has left me in a state of euphoria.Wonderful times spent together

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Manatee's crew - Rhett & Denise
Wonderful times spent together

Manatee arrives at Ilha Moma a while before us and Rhett swims ashore to speak to the family he sees on the beach. He wants to know if they have any fish, but realizes that actually they are quite destitute. He swims back to Manatee and takes them a bag of rice and some bottled water.

We decide to move on as it is still early. We immediate alter course for the next island, Caldeira, 14nm miles to go. The wind picks up and we set all the sails. Karibu is screaming through the water. Music fills the cockpit and we are very content.

cuda - also known as king mackerel is so delicious
Teach a man to fish

The sun is dropping quickly over the mainland – we take advantage of the remaining daylight- Wolf  by filling in the log-book and I by capture the day’s memories in my journal. Rhett visits us and offers us a king mackerel which he calls a cuda and invites us to join them on Manatee for a fish BBQ

We decided when we were in Epidendron that we should take turn in hosting dinner, so one night the cook and we join them on Manatee and the next we cook and they join us on Karibu. It works well and means that we get to share really scrumptious dishes.

Denise is a superb cook, I enjoy the nights we spend on their boat and her fabulously tasty dishes. Rhett enjoys my bread and we make arrangements to bake together so I can show her how I make bread. Up till now they only make beer bread which while really delicious and simple to make does not keep well and must be eating in one sitting.

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