East African sailing trip – Log 3

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June 24, 2004

Our first way-point is set on the GPS 148nm away and we settle down to 2 full days sailing. The winds are indeed SW and we are able to sail until 4:00am before it starts to drop and then dies completely. We are not moving and want to get to our destination…

We realize that we will have to start the motors and take the opportunity to charge the batteries. The fridge draws a lot of power, even though we are not using it as a freezer, we try to keep it at zero degrees. We have an additional cooler box which we decide to use for our daily use so as to minimize opening the freezer. It is stocked and we can’t afford to lose anything.

Wolf turns the keys to start the engines, but gets no response from either motor. More antics in the small engine compartment reveal air in the fuel line again. He manages to get them started and is not happy as he can’t understand what is causing the problem.


The weather is sunny with light squalls from time to time, not enough however, to shower and after working in that diesel we decide to strip and take a cold shower on the dive platform. We drip dry on the deck in the sun agreeing that this is total freedom. (No photos to accompany this though- haha)

It's a whale's tail

We are visited by a shoal of dolphin playing on our prow and see many whales along the way. As I write this entry the sun is setting in its splendor; way in the distance a pair of whales are frolicking; the Mozambique coastline is on our port and we are 7nm from our way-point.

The trip from here to Inhambane is uneventful except that we have to motor into the wind for most of the night, but we look on the bright side, at least it keeps the batteries charged.
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June 25, 2004

Our timing to the entrance of Inhambane is perfect we reach our way-point at 6:30am. The weather is overcast and rainy; we make our way through the channel to the anchorage at the Linga Linga peninsula.

The East Coast Pilot shows a restaurant at this point but in fact that was closed some time ago. (At the time of posting this on the Christian Cruise Connection website, it has since been converted into a lovely B&B nice which is really cool for yachts visiting this bay)

Iove to call this place Linga Longa...I could have stayed much longer - I could not resist the photo of the dugout canoe with its ingenious sail.

The main house is a huge white 2 level sprawling place and is owned by John; a very hospitable guy who lives in Johannesburg. He has a manager Danny, who takes care of it, as well as his fishing boats.

Further up on the point a lodge is in the process of being built. Henny is one of the share-block owners and is responsible for the building of 25-30 bungalows (I have done recent research- April 2012 – and see that this is now completed and looks fabulous) To think we actually worked on this project – that’s cool…

The day we arrive we stay on board, cleaning, washing clothes and drying towels, as well as cushions that are damp. Wolf works on the fuel-lines and fixes 2 center hatches which are leaking. One thing we as sailors know… work never ends on a boat.

Henny comes across on his barge and invites us to join him and Danny, the maintenance manager at the Big White House and a couple of tourists who are camping in the area, for a braai (BBQ) and to watch the rugby game. The fire is started and out comes fish, calamari, crayfish and my contribution of boerewors (a South African sausage)

We are so filled with gratitude to God for the beauty of this place. Suddenly I am getting a foretaste of the experiences to come and I am super excited.

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