East African sailing trip – log 36

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September 20, 2004

Sadly we move out of the wonderful Mikindani Bay, knowing that we will forever hold in the treasure-box of our memory, this precious jewel. If our memories are to be likened to gems then this one would be among the most valuable and cherished.

Fishing  Dhows
Fishing Dhows

Our next destination is the Sudi River, which is reached earlier than expected.

The river mouth is clearly visible from seaward and the Madjovi Rocks are a conspicuous landmark.  Nymphe shoal with a minimum depth of 4 mt lies in line with the entrance .

At low tide the reefs can normally be seen. Once inside the entrance we stay in the middle of the river. This river is 500 meters across and a good safe depth in the center, so we keep sailing up.

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Taxi Dhow
Taxi Dhow

We pass 3 villages, each situated along the bank with long sandy beaches which serve to launch their small fishing dhows. Each time we pass a village the children run alongside of us shouting and giggling happily.  

We enter a huge bay and can’t see any river further up that might lead into this bay. We decide that it may just be a large estuary as the water is salty and affected by the tides.

We had read that there were lions roaming in the bush here, but didn’t hear any sign of them. It is extremely peaceful and absolutely still.

Painted sky
Painted sky

The sliver of a moon rises to join the star-studded host in the night sky. It is a balmy warm temperature and we lie out on the front deck counting falling stars shooting across the sky, and satellites crossing slowly moving across this vast vista overhead.

Sleep beckons us to bed and wraps us in a blanket of contentment.

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