East African sailing trip – log 38

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September 23, 2004

We are usually awake long before dawn and this day is no exception, we lift the anchor, stow everything in its place and head out to sea; richer for having visited another of Tanzania’s enthralling harbours. We love the people of this great country who are respectful, friendly and welcoming.

Kiswere harbour is our anchorage today. This harbour has 4 rivers running into it and offers protection from the South East winds.

We choose a spot just off the neat village on the South West side. There was quite a swell running as we entered Kiswere harbour but when we have our pick set firmly in the mud, it becomes calmer.

No sooner do we drop our anchor than we are visited by the “secretary “of the village paddles over in his dugout canoe. He is friendly and welcomes us visit his village.

He asks many questions such as where are we from and where we are heading; he has a good command of English and when he leaves us, it is with a smile on his face and a promise on his lips to bring us coconuts.

A while later he really does bring us some coconuts– we are pleasantly surprised, and trade him for packets of dried beans and peanuts and some rice.

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Bald eagle in flight with a sockeye salmon in his claws

Tanzania has some amazing bays and natural harbours. They are all very deep with little or no silt from inland farming and shallow enough for us on our catamarans to anchor closer to the shore. The natural beauty is amazing and I just loved to see the Fish Eagle’s swooping down to catch the same dinner we are after. 

Again this was just a night stop over and early next morning, we’ll be off again, this time heading towards Kilwa.

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