East African sailing trip – log 61

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October 30, 2004

It’s Sunday and we enjoy our ‘king’s breakfast’ this time alone – memories of similar breakfasts with our friends on yacht Manatee come rushing back. They made our experiences so interesting as well as great FUN and for that we will be eternally grateful.

I am energetic; I bake a loaf of bread, setting aside the other half for a pizza which we’ll eat for dinner. While the oven is hot I bake a batch of muffins and I am ready for some fun.
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The heat is a little more bearable so we don our snorkeling gear and dive off the yacht, we are anchored on a patch of sand and in the distance the coral reef beckons. We see some stunning colonial anemones and manage to find some attached to a loose rock. It is added to the bucket aquarium to be given to Wolf’s brother when we see him in a week or so. We have arranged special permits to collect and transport the fish back to South Africa.

Coral reefs are among the world’s most spectacular environments and snorkeling is an outstanding way to explore them. As coral reefs face an increasingly uncertain future, snorkelers and other coral reef visitors can play an important role in helping to protect these fragile habitats. We try always to anchor away from corals so that our anchor and chain does not damage these delicate structures. Our love for corals and the little fish that co-habit their locations has been passed to our children, other family members and friends.

I love the ocean, every part of it. Its wild unbridled power; its changing moods from calm to turbulent; its cool colour palette its hidden underwater beauty; its awesome shores, whether I am on it, under it, above it or looking at it from land, the ocean has me mesmerized and captivated. I thank God for every moment of this trip.

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