East African sailing trip – log 68

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November 15, 2004 

During the night the wind came through causing the anchorage to be very bouncy. We could not wait for daylight when we up the anchor and move back to Miwi Island.  Today we have scheduled a haul-out (or in this case, a dry-out) Wolf needs to do some work which requires the hulls to be dry. We time our arrival at Miwi so that the tide is almost high, allowing us to go up the beach as far as possible. 

As the tide recedes we are pleased with the position and while we wait Wolf prepares for the tasks ahead. We begin scrubbing the hulls while there is still water under the hulls so that we are able to wash off all the barnacles, and sea growth. By the time the hulls are dry it’s all done. He does the gear-box oil change and glues the anti-cavitation rubber to the hull around the drive leg. 

What an exquisite island this is, it’s small and completely isolated. Not a sole in sight. We shed our coverings and go skinny-dipping – aaah if you’ve never had the opportunity to indulge in this freedom (it’s how I believe we are intended to be, in the tropics, yeah …I know, you think I am nuts ) I recommend it at least once in your lifetime – It’s liberating! 
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Big black thunderous clouds surround us but not a drop of rain falls. We wait in anticipation

Nothing–not one drop! The tide rises and we are able to float off our hard beachy surface. The sun burns through flooding us with warmth. We anchor close and romp around the island exploring the sandstone caves, climbing to the top of them and discovering gorgeous orchids growing from them. 

After an early dinner we sit on the foredeck, watching the magnificent sunset and its reflection in the mirror-like ocean around us. Thousands of tiny sprats being hunted by bigger fish leap out of the water performing numerous “Mexican waves” to our delight.   

(The Sprat is a small pelagic fish that lives in the coastal waters. They float freely on or near the surface of the ocean, and drift with the currents

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