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Rainbow Gypsy at anchorOur friends Alec and Cherry on Yacht Rainbow Gypsy a Dean 365 and sister ship to Yacht Karibu have arrived in Dutch Harbour, safe though not too sound.  We have not yet heard all of the details, but it seems that the North Pacific was not too kind to them.

After crossing more than half of the world they ended up with some serious issues a few hundred miles of the Aleutian Islands, a chain of small islands that separate the Bering Sea in the north from the main portion of the Pacific Ocean south and stretch in an arc southwest, then northwest about 1100 miles.

They are on their way to spend the winter on Vancouver Island with some friends and family. We are hoping that we will see more of them when they get here.
Apparently they have both sail/rigging and saildrive issues as they have requested information from here in Victoria for sail/Mast makers.

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A long way
Dutch Harbour to Victoria

Looking forward to meeting with them again here on Vancouver Island and praying for a safe passage.

Rainbow Gypsy at anchor


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