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The flight from Houston to Roatan was only 2 hours but felt more like 10, after the long sleepless night before.

We left Swartz Bay, on the 7:00pm ferry and drove in pouring rain to the Walmart in Skaggit, Washington; stopping for a quick bite to eat and whiling away the time since our flight to Houston only departed at 6:00am.  We needed a light poncho or raincoat to bring with us to Roatan, at Cary’s suggestion. It is the start of the rainy season which runs from October through to December, but still hot.

I’m going to back up to a few months ago, in an attempt to give you the background and explanation as to how we came to be here.

I was surfing the net, looking for warm sunshine and a possible place where we could put down roots once we decide to retire (if we decide to retire) when I typed the following search-string into Google:  “working and living in Honduras” – that’s when our plans took an interesting turn.

I answered a blog from 2008. A lady, Cary was retiring to Roatan and looking for a caretaker/couple to take care of her and her property – I thought that for sure she would have found the perfect couple but I answered her advert anyway, asking whether she might know of any other property owners looking for caretakers; her answer was that she is still looking for someone, and yes, there are many developers who prefer to have expats looking after their properties.
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We struck up a friendship emailing each other regularly, and eventually she said “Come on down, Barbi let’s get to know each other in person. “In exchange for a few chores you can stay with me, and get free board and lodge” … the rest is history… We booked our flights and this episode was born.

2:55pm on 27th October, we touched down at the Roatan International Airport, our hostess met us and drove back to The Villas at Sandy Bay, Gibson Point. The house is a pretty, Island- style double-storey building made with cement blocks. Upstairs has a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and sitting room with a big balcony overlooking the ocean. Palm trees line the surrounding  5ft wall, and a huge Almond tree gives much needed shade.

The house is in a complex and Cary’s is closest to the sea. The owners share a pool and the jetty.  Downstairs are 2 bedrooms each with en-suites. Originally we had thought that we would be living in a caretaker’s cottage but that has occupants so we settled in to the second bedroom.

We were exhausted and Cary suggested we go out to dinner in West End – we had a great meal a few glasses of wine and flopped into bed as soon as we arrived home.

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