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6 November, 2012

Wolf woke up with an upset tummy, and felt queasy all day. It’s been raining constantly since Saturday, with intermittent downpours and squalls. It seemed a good day to stay indoors, and he has been sprawled out on the daybed fast asleep. I hope it passes soon. I cleaned the condo and moved across to Cary’s place to clean as well. Every day it’s the same routine, sweep the sand out, and then mop with disinfectant solution, which smells just wonderful and super clean! I then wipe down the leather sectional and all the surfaces. It’s very dusty and smelly, and the dog and cat don’t help either.

I sat at home most of the day with Wolf not feeling well, catching up on journaling. I had invited a missionary lady, Deborah (a friend of Charlotte and Gary, who teaches English at the little school) to join us for tea & German Chocolate Cake. She arrived at 3:00pm full of interesting stories, which kept us mesmerized and entertained until she left at 5:00pm. Can you believe the coincidence? Her sister and husband have been on Grand Comores living as undercover missionaries in Moroni, for eight years. We had so much to share and felt instantly connected. Please pray for them as they are in danger if the true nature of their work is discovered.

I am going to assist Deborah in keeping her blog up to date. You can follow along on

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So ends another day in paradise –

P.S it’s not all paradise…

I too, am covered in bites. We were told the bites are from sand-fleas. They are so itchy and persist for ages. Even bug-spray doesn’t keep them away too long. If anyone knows of a remedy or a deterent I would be grateful to hear from you… just leave a comment below.

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