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31 October, 2012

Wolf had arranged for the gravel to be delivered at 8:00am and to their word, the truck arrived. I was still in the shower when I heard him and Patrick shoveling and raking. I came out and began to plant groundcover in the garden which lines the driveway. We worked in the sweltering heat until 9:30am and dived into the pool to cool off. After a breakfast of fresh fruit and French-toast, we headed to the beach carrying Cary’s double kayak loaded with fins, masks, paddles.

Kayaking and SnorkellingThe sea was crystal clear and very calm. We paddled across the reef, over a few 2ft breakers and were soon floating over corals and colourful fishes. Wolf gave me instructions to don my mask and fins, swing my legs over and get into the water. I thought I followed his instructions to the letter, however, as I went over, so did the kayak, everything inside it, and Wolf… Luckily nothing was lost…

We started snorkeling and were lost ourselves, in the beauty of this underwater garden. I handed my camera to Wolf and suggested that I hold the kayak while he swims down to take some shots. He has no weights so really struggles to get to the bottom. Patrick, being a dive master said he would try to organize a few weights to put on our belts which will help tremendously.

We were amazed at the lack of colour on the rocks. We saw many brightly colored fish, but very few colourful corals. Nothing like the Comores or Sodwana Bay! We never saw any anemones, no clown-fish, no goldies, no chromis, and no clams. We did spot a few very large parrot-fish though, and a huge potato-bass (grouper) which was camera shy. The temperature of the water was so gorgeous (I’m not trying to make anyone jealous) much warmer than the swimming pool which we use regularly, to keep our body temperature down.

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We struck an instant connection with them – Charlotte and Gary are sincere and committed Christians, who feel an honest burden to help the children of Roatan. They will unfortunately be leaving after the week-end, but they have offered us the use of their villa for the remainder of our stay – which would be wonderful…

Our evenings are spent watching TV – Cary has satellite TV and is connected to SHAW – yes, Canadian TV in Roatan. I have to say we are extremely fortunate to be in this situation as we are learning so much about living and working in Roatan from various expats and locals – Far more than one could learn by trying to explore on one’s own. Every day is a treat and we are beginning to fall in love with the people.

There were many Halloween parties around the West End – but we preferred to pass. Cary was a also not feeling up to it so it was a TV night – caught a little Canadian News and watched the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Cheers from the Happy Islanders

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