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3rd November, 2012

Not much to say about this day… we woke up early, as usual and decided to try to do as many of the chores as possible so that we can begin our vacation in Roatan.

Wolf and Patrick took Cary’s car and drove to Coxen Hole to buy an electrical power tester. One of the projects on the list was to find out why Cary did not have hot water. Looking at it did not provide a good diagnosis and Wolf needed to establish whether it was a power problem, or a hot-water-system issue.

While they were away, I carried on with the gardening. Charlotte has hired a man to help me, over the next week, so that all I have to do is give instructions. Caesar is a strong, middle-aged Islander who has a wonderful, placid, friendly disposition. He is extremely keen and eager to work. We continued to transplant and fill the flower beds, grouping them according to colour, texture and structural design. There is still tons more to tackle, though.

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Wolf got the hot-water system working, spray-painted the security gate on Cary’s entrance door and fixed a power outlet that has never worked. Cary is over the moon – very pleased with what we have achieved already. We agreed that we would take the day off tomorrow, being Sunday, and do something relaxing; after all, we are on holiday – and on island time…


We spent some time with Gary and Charlotte before they left for the airport and their flight back to Oklahoma City. They handed us the keys and we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and moving in. We love being on our own and enjoyed the evening watching a DVD and catching up on emails and newsletters.

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