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4th November, 2012

We had decided that today is our day-off, a day of rest, no projects, no chores… just chilling; nevertheless, we still woke early, feeling wonderful that we were in the villa by ourselves. I made tea and we sat upstairs looking out at the blue sea and slightly cloudy sky. It seemed a waste to spend it doing nothing but we both felt really mellow, and not in a hurry to go charging off on some tourist-type activity. We walked to the jetty and I saw a boat with some locals on one of the neighbour’s jetties, so I walked across to ask about the water taxi – one can apparently call them and they will come and fetch you and deliver you wherever you want to go, for a fee.

The owner of the boat was busy cleaning a huge potato bass (known here as a ‘grouper’) the area in front of our houses is a Marine Reserve and they looked a little guilty, when I asked where they had caught it. “On the East coast,” was his rather faltering answer. He offered to take Wolf and I to West End for a fee of US $25 which we thought was a bit steep. Cary agreed, and said that he probably knew we were visiting and wanted us to pay for his morning’s fishing excursion.

We decided to wait until Cary was awake and ask her whether she had any plans. We cooked a great breakfast for the three of us and I prepared a plate of fruit – bananas, papaya, oranges and apple. It is such an indulgence to eat papaya every day.

The sea was calm and tempting so we abandoned our idea to visit the tourist beaches of West End, in favour of some pleasing exercise. We gathered our snorkelling gear, and carried the kayak down to the sea. The kayak is ideal; we paddled out over the reef and tied it to one of the dive buoys. This time we had no trouble getting into the water, as Wolf went in on one side, and I went in on the opposite side, simultaneously… on the count of three… the kayak didn’t even move.

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After snorkelling around for just over an hour, we noticed three dive boats heading our way. It was time to move. I had no trouble climbing back onto the kayak and we were soon paddling towards the shore. I love the kayak, it is such fun. We dived into the swimming pool, rinsed our gear and stowed the kayak. We are rather tired, and have decided on watching a DVD and getting an early night.

I baked a German Chocolate Cake, which I will distribute to the folk in the complex. One slice each is enough for us. I love cooking and baking with gas – it is so fast and easy.

Till next time…

Satisfied, relaxed and contented, sending greetings from paradise.

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