Roatan 9

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Wolf has cut off his beard and I am very sad… I love him with a beard and he has worn one for 28 years; however, he has developed a heat rash on his face and has had to shave to allow it to clear up. Thought I would just add that tidbit of info too.

Eldon's Supermarket
Clean, and well stocked

Had a late breakfast and asked Cary if we could take the car to Eldon’s Supermarket. I love Eldon’s. It is clean and cool – powerful air-conditioning is part of their marketing strategy, I’m convinced, as I never want to leave. On the way home we popped in to see Adriaan at the Hungry Kiwi – he was pleased to see us and asked about Canada. I took photos while Wolf questioned him about the restaurant. We have agreed to meet again one afternoon with his wife.

When we arrived home Ceasar and Sonya (the lady who is employed to keep the gardens tidy) were waiting for new instructions. Charlotte has told them to do whatever I say. It’s a huge responsibility as the place is very big, with so much potential; however, there is not enough time to do all that is required to make it look decent. One of the priorities is to curtail the run-off, when it rains and the one in front of Cary’s entrance is complete.
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Another is at the swimming pool. Red soil comes rushing down the bank and straight onto the paving and sometimes, into the pool. We are waiting for Cary to order more gravel and cement before we can start on that.

Ginger plant
Ginger plant

Roatan is a beautiful island, with fertile soil. I am enjoying seeing the transformation in the garden and knowing that most of the plants I put into the ground will survive. We’ll just have to come back to see it in a year or so when it is established. The colours and deversity is such a joy. It has renewed my love for gardening in the tropics.

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