Spring is in the Air

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In the closing days of Autumn last year Karibu developed a bad case of fuel starvation, and the engines where cutting out on a regular basis.

I had previously installed a new racor 2 micron fuel filter,  this was supposed to give clean fuel to the engines. the issue seems to be that the fuel is relatively dirty, probably stemming back to the Mozambique coastal trip. The filter was blocked up in a short while causing this fuel issues and a lot of frustration.

This past winter I installed a second racor filter and separated the fuel lines and connected the first tank to the port motor and the second tank to the starboard motor. Included in this install was an electric fuel pump in each line, so now I have what you would think should be a backup if one fuel filter becomes clogged. My two tanks are still interconnected and should equalize as fuel is drained from one tank.

This Easter weekend I took the power washer down to the boat and cleaned the topsides :), so we’re just about ready for our first spring getaway.
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I also replaced the cockpit speakers with a new set of West marine 6′ speakers, which means the sound should be good again. The old ones have been in for about 12 years and had caught a pressure cleaner blast or two, not a bright idea.

So lets see how things pan out this year.

Happy sailing season all you sailors in North America and especially those in British Columbia.

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