Waggoner Guide – Covid 19 Safe Boating Guidelines

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As government agencies loosen restrictions on recreational activities, boaters should check the closed/open status of marine facilities and border crossings before heading out. Waggoner Guide maintains an up-to-date list of boater facilities at www.WaggonerGuide.com/covid-19. Also check individual marina websites for details. Be sure to check with city and county authorities to confirm that local communities are accepting and welcoming non-resident guests.

As conscientious citizens and boaters, we want to adhere to all government Covid-19 directives and guidelines for safe boating activities. Waggoner Guide shares the following tips, which serve as recommended guidelines for safe boating.

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  1. Be Prepared and Be Self-Reliant
    • Avoid the need to call upon first-responders
    • Don’t take chances that might require assistance
    • If you need assistance, minimize your impact on first-responders
    • Let first responders know if you have any flu-like symptoms when calling for assistance
  2. Marinas and Launch Ramps
    • Marina offices may be closed to public access but staffed – phone to register and pay
    • Wear a mask/face covering
    • Maintain 6 feet/2 meter social distancing at all times
    • On narrow docks, use finger floats, ramps, and wait your turn in order to maintain social distancing
    • Use sanitizer before and after using pay stations and self-registration stations
  3. Guests Onboard
    • Keep the onboard group to household family members
    • Self-isolate if anyone has symptoms or may have been exposed
  4. Handcarts
    • Minimize use of dock-carts
    • Wipe down the cart handle and other surfaces
    • Use sanitizer dispensers
  5. Park and Public Docks (State, Provincial, County, City, and Natural Resources)
    • Check the open/closed status before approaching
    • Don’t use when Closed – even if other boats are using them
    • No dinghy landing when Closed
    • No Rafting
    • Minimize activities on the docks/floats
    • Avoid crowds, have alternate plans and be prepared to go somewhere else
  6. Anchor-out or tie to a mooring buoy when/where possible.
    • No rafting
  7. Fuel Docks
    • Yield priority access to commercial and essential service vessel
    • Minimize use of offices
    • Use gloves when handling hoses and nozzles • Maintain Social Distancing
  8. Marina Restrooms and Showers
    1. Use onboard facilities whenever possible
    2. Check with marina for protocols and open/closed status
    3. Toilet paper may not be available
  9. Marina Laundry
    • Check with marina for protocols and open/closed status
  10. Pumpout Facilities
    • Wear gloves and protective equipment
    • Wash thoroughly afterwards
  11. Potable Water
    • Check with the marina for availability and protocols
  12. If you must leave your boat
    • Check to be sure that local communities are accepting and welcoming non-resident guests
    • Wear a mask/face covering
    • Clean handles, door knobs, light switches and control panels on your boat
    • Use local grocery delivery services where available
  13. Yacht Clubs
    • Most reciprocal moorage and outstations are closed – check with the yacht club
  14. Quarantine / Self-Isolate Protocol
    • Contact the marina to confirm moorage quarantine protocol
    • State your intention to quarantine so that the marina is prepared
    • Stay on board your vessel
    • Fly a yellow/black “L” or Lima quarantine flag
    • Some BC Marinas are requiring a 14-day self-isolate before accepting guest moorage
  15. Good Practices On and Off the Boat
    • Don’t touch your face, mouth, eyes, or nose
    • Carry sanitizer wipes, disposable gloves, and mask/face covering
    • Regular hand-washing with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds