Winter Rest

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Karibu is now at rest in the Van Isle Marina for the rest of the winter season, we have the heaters going to keep her warm and dry.

At the winterizing check I noticed that the starboard sail drive needs its inner seal replaced, this is not a great feeling as I vividly  remember the mission when I had to replace the port one last year. I will need to separate the engine from the bell housing and remove the bell housing from the actual leg before I can replace the rubber seal. Well at least it has been in place for the past 10 years, and if the new ones last that long I will be happy.

This year was a year of frustrations, as I had all of the issues with the fuel lines. I have two tanks that has an equalizing pipe between them. This pipe got blocked by some dirt and fuel no longer flowed through the pipe to maintain the levels in the tanks. I had a take off feed from each tank through a single fuel pump and filter before splitting it for the two engines.
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For the past 8 years I have had a fuel starvation issue, and tried every thing that I could think of and all suggestions from experts in the field. My problem stemmed from the fact that I only have a single fuel filler and the front tank is the only one that was regularly being filled, with the inter leading pipe blocked the rear tank remained lower than the front one, so guess what it emptied first and air was being drawn in when the tank emptied causing the engines to starve.

A second fuel gage would have shown the issue many years ago. So this will be a task that will be completed this year.

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