Karibu to Tods Inlet

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Lazar took Karibu on a trip to Tod’s Inlet to meet up with some friends

So I sailed her to tod inlet from Cowichan bay, where I had a few friends come visit in which I took them mushroom hunting, we found a lions main mushroom a hard to find wild mushroom on Saturday. Then on Sunday I took another friend and her daughter to McKenzie bight for a hike a play on the boat, before running her back to Cowichan bay Sunday night.

This was the first joy ride I have had on her so far and was great, I still have not had great winds to test her out sailing so much but excited to give that a go. I need to do a bit of rewiring on the engines as there is some faulty connections from corrosion on some connections. 

And to replace the instruments on the mast and a bunch of other things, now its colder and I work full time everything is very slow but still ticking¬†along. I’m toying with the idea of a different form of heating I do like the deasil heater but I’m interested in the idea of a solid fuel stove or deasil stove that requires no power as well for extended winter adventure without the need of power, but that is low on the priority list and the location of installation is a issue to.¬†

My question is, who climbed all the way up there to get it down?