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1st November, 2012

Our 26th wedding anniversary…

Our neighbours, Gary & Charlotte Shaw, are the majority-share, home-owners in ‘The Villas at Gibson Point’ complex and were so impressed with the gardening and gravel work that we have done for Cary, that they asked us if we could complete the gravel work for the complex, if they ordered more gravel. We naturally agreed, and so another 4 cubic meters were ordered and within 2 hours Patrick and Wolf were leveling the driveway and the rest of the yard.


I started transplanting (with help for this precious little island girl, the daughter of the care-taker) more gorgeous tropical plants along the driveway, which inspired Charlotte to rush of to the local nursery for more plants. The place is looking so different already. Charlotte and Gary have generously offered us the use of their condo when they leave on Saturday afternoon. We will have it for the next 2 weeks of our stay. The clouds rolled in dumping their heavy load, and giving life-sustaining nutrients to the newly planted beds. We watched in anticipation as the run-off headed in rivulets down the hill, but the barrier Wolf had formed, diverted it perfectly into the ditch he had dug.

Tapas and Chai Tea Latte at JavaVine
Tapas and Chai Tea Latte at JavaVine

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We needed to buy gas for Cary’s car and to top up the internet stick, which Cary has lent us, so that we can send our emails. We set off in the pouring rain to a nearby shopping center. While we waited for the activation of the internet-stick, we visited a fabulous little internet/ coffee shop called “Java Vine” where we sipped a welcoming Chai Tea Latte, nibbled on delicious Tapas, and chatted to the friendly ex-Edmonton couple who own the shop. They moved to Roatan 18 months ago and told us they would never go back. They love Roatan… You can see their website here:

We made arrangements to take Cary out with us to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and she made reservations at the “Vintage Pearl” After a strenuous, but rewarding day of work in the garden we would have happily stayed at home for a quiet meal and a restful evening in front of the TV. By the time we left for dinner it was still pouring, we drove to the restaurant and were not surprised to find that we were their only patrons.

The place was wonderful, great atmosphere, good service, and excellent food – A wonderful way to end another perfect day. Check out their website here:



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