Yarrow Family Arrive Back

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The Yarrow Family, owners of the Yacht Rainbow Gypsy and sister to Yacht Karibu have arrived back in Canada and are  watching the weather way up in Alaska where their yacht spent the winter.

After a trip down south, then across to England to visit family they are back with us just waiting for a break in the weather so that they can go up  and repair the damage caused by the north Pacific storm on their way here last year.

They hope to be back in Alaska by late May; replace their sail drives, raise the mast, fit sails and head south to get back to British Columbia during the summer months. They have still not decided on a plan of action of what they will do once they get back down here, but I am sure that on their way south from Alaska the idea will pop into both their minds and both will be happy with whatever decision that they come up with.
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One idea is to winter through in BC and the other is to head south to San Fran. We will be here to support them in whatever they decide to do.


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