Desolation Sound Sailing Trip – Log 15

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28 June 2013

Listening to the weather channel the predictions are for light SE winds 10-15kts until late morning 15-25kts in the afternoon becoming NW 15-20kts in the evening. We leave the harbour at 8:30am in the beautiful morning light with the surface as flat as a millpond, displaying clear reflections along the shoreline.

Purple Martin
Purple Martin

As we exit the harbour the chirping of the resident purple martins (the largest of the swallow species) nesting in man-made boxes on top of the pylons, echo their farewell loudly through the air. By 10:30am after morning tea and blueberry muffins a gentle breeze causes a ripple on the surface of the sea. It is still too light for sails but we are hopeful that the northwesterly will appear sooner than predicted. We pass the Winchelsea  Control Station which marks the Whiskey Gold restricted area, on Winchelsea island. We are sailing along the inside passage even though WG is not active.

The sea is as flat as glass and Karibu is moving steadily at 4kts through the water but 5.5kt over ground. At 11:30am we have 5nm to go to reach Nanaimo and we decide to set a course directly for Dodd Narrows as the tide will be running out and in our favour.  The wind speed is zero and we are thankful for our trusty engines. Because of nearby logging activity the sea is littered with logs. We are on constant lookout, mentioning how dangerous it would be to have to travel at night, and how fortunate we are to have so many safe overnight options to choose from. Boats of all shapes and sizes are heading towards Dodd Narrows. It is Friday afternoon and the start of the Canada Day long weekend which also marks the beginning of the summer holidays.  The school year is over and many families take their annual vacation.
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Map showing Dodd Narrows between vancouver Island and De Coucy IslandDodd narrows is a narrow tidal passage where the water rushes through like a fast flowing river.  The quickest run from Nanaimo takes us through this notorious narrows.  It lies between Vancouver Island and De Courcy Island and is only 50mt at its narrowest point. Tugs towing log booms and other commercial traffic frequently move through the pass so it is necessary to be extremely careful. As I mentioned in my previous blog the current can run at speeds of 9kts and most guide books suggest that the passage be made at slack tide.

It is courteous and good practice to announce over VHF channel 16 when entering the narrows because, as the map shows, the narrow snakes around a bend and one cannot always see other boats coming through. Dodd Narrows going south - We wait our turn and follow procedure entering with enough room between us and the sailboat ahead of us, but just as we move in a large speedboat plows through from the other side, fortunately his wake is lost in the swirls of current and our transit is uneventful even managing to dodge the hazardous logs which are also making their way through the narrows. It is a relief to be through the channel with more than enough time and tidal push to decide on our stop for the night. We are tired but keen to get as close to home as possible.

Map showing Thesis Island in relation to Vancouver Island and the mainland of BCThetis Island Marina is a suitable place since we enjoy the people, the atmosphere, the facilities and protection of the marina, so we set a direct course; beaming with joy that conditions have been excellent and that we have covered considerable ground today.  The sun is warm, the sea is calm, no sign of the predicted winds. It’s another day in paradise.  Our amazing trip is almost over; we are relaxed in this familiar setting, enjoying the freedom to explore, relishing meeting new people, and content with our floating home… This is the reason we built our yacht Karibu. It is the fulfilment of our dream …  

In the words of    Billy Campbell … “Aside from what it teaches you, there is simply the indescribable degree of peace that can be achieved on a sailing vessel at sea. I guess a combination of hard work and the seemingly infinite expanse of the sea – the profound solitude – that does it for me.”

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