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So today is Monday , a holiday in Canada and we have just returned from a fabulous weekend away on Yacht Karibu.

Barbi and I had a day off on Friday but our friends could not get off so we decided to delay our trip till Saturday morning.

Arrangements where made to meet at the boat at 8:00 AM, but the weather was not playing along, still raining first thing in the morning. Barbi and I decided to go down to the boat anyway, got a call from Mike and Marlene to see if the trip was still on, YES was the reply, soon after that Laurel and Russel arrived, we packed and left promptly at 8:30 AM.

Plans of where to go were decided along the way; first we would head for the quaint little sea-town of Cowichan.   Ok, all is cool, we get  into Cowichan Bay and the ladies decided on a detour to straight  to Genoa Bay. We anchored in Genoa Bay for the night where we enjoyed the solitude of the little secluded, protected anchorage. We enjoyed a wonderful cooked meal from Barbi, a few drinks and a restful nights sleep. In the morning the plan was to proceed to Cowichan for a walk about, but as I raised anchor the question was posed , what was the tide going to be at the Narrows? A quick check on the tide table on the GPS says, slack tide in just over an hour, and how far to the narrows, you guessed it just over an hour. So off to Chemainus we start, through the Narrows and heading across the Maple Bay entrance. At the Samson Narrows we are stopped by a small boat that has the BC Hydro logo on the side, they are working on the power cables so now a delay to get through.

Boats start piling up and waiting, luckily only about 45 Min and we get the move ahead signal. On the way to Chemainus we see three commercial boats in the distance, I steer to avoid them but the continue to move across out path. As we get closed we discover that they are a group of whale watching boats following a pod of Orca whales. They do a few breaches in front of us, next to us and we are all so super excited.

We start to proceed again, when Barbi’s says, what about heading for Telegraph Bay, OK so change of plans again. I change course and we get to Telegraph Bay Marina and tie up for the night. A few drinks at the restaurant, a short trip by duck through the narrow channel that separates Thetis Island from Kuper Island, in Clam bay we meet up with Marlene who had left before us on one of the kayaks. Our outboard motor starts missing and seemed to be running on one cylinder, but we manage to beat Marlene who challenges us back to the boat  (“last back at the boat pays for dinner” is her remark), so the dinner is on her, what an unfair wager, but she refused to accept defeat and paid the bill. We had fish and chips, Laurel had a burger and Marlene had a beef something or other with a gravy dip, she said that it was great.

Back on board, and a few drinks later, everybody decided to call it a night, so at around 10:00 PM the lights are turned off.

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We start heading for home, as Barbi wanted to be home just after midday. She started the lovely smelling breakfast, and suggested that I quickly find a place to anchor for breakfast. I headed f0r a small cove on Kuper Island, drop anchor and am greeted with this “Kings breakfast”;  Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, tomatoes and toast, everyone is smiling from ear to ear.

Tummy full, I raise the  anchor, and start back for the narrows. I switch back to channel 9 and behold, BC Hydro are still working on the lines and Samson will be closed for another hour, I am ecstatic, it will be open within the hour and I have an hour trip before we get there, what timing! Unfortunately when we get there they had a hiccup, and another hour delay. I start looking at the second narrows tides again, still an hour to slack tide. We had to keep the motor running to stay in place for the mad dash across the mark when they gave the all clear.

We still managed to cross the second narrows just after slack tide and headed for home, with some fresh head winds we had to do a few tacks and only arrived home after 5:00 PM.

That concluded our weekend trip, will get a few pictures in over the next few days.

Thanks to our wonderful host Barbi, and our friends Mike and Marlene and Russel and Laurel who joined us on this little trip.

Times are for sharing.

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