East African sailing trip – log 28

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September 11, 2004

I pause to remember this dreadful day in 2001 and say a prayer for those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 horror attack on the twin towers.

Last night was another roly-poly anchorage, I couldn’t sleep and lay tossing and turning dosing intermittently and wide awake at 5:00am when we set sail, hoisting the spinnaker immediately. Rain clouds are building in the East, they are dark and ominous. We have had no rain since we July 11th and are looking forward to a good downpour to wash off the decks, and luxuriate in a fresh water shower with gallons of water splashing over us.

We would like to catch some water to fill our water-tanks we have no easy way to see how much we have left… Yacht Karibu has 2 water-tanks one in each hull, they carry 350 liters each. We use the water from one and then switch to the next when that one is empty. We also carry spare drums of water, as well as bottled water for emergency…

We wait patiently watching the clouds roll closer. The sky darkens and we hear distant rumblings from thunder – we wait patiently, all the while sailing to our next anchorage. The wind-speed increases and Wolf struggles to bag our massive spinnaker. He suddenly has a great idea and uses the windlass to winch the snuffer-line – it works like a dream.

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The sun peaks through;  the water though a beautiful blue, is not clear so we decide to chill onboard and sit out another bumpy night.

Just before sunset, and true to form Duck Manatee comes towards us. Denise is not with Rhett but he offers to take us ashore as there is another ruin here and he would like to explore – we are eager to join him. The villagers are so friendly. Rhett seeks out the chief. His son whom we meet on the beach and speaks some English, takes us to the village to meet his father. Rhett asks if we may walk around and tells him we are hoping to see the ruins.

The chief takes us to see them and we are followed by an entourage – consisting mainly  of  children. From this vantage point, on the hill we look down on our 2 cruising catamarans serenely sitting in the bay. The sun is beginning to drop quickly and dusk (which usually doesn’t last too long in the tropics) is starting to merge into night.

Wonderfully friendly and welcoming islanders
Wonderfully friendly and welcoming islanders

I have fun with the children who are fascinated by my digital camera especially when I show them their images in the viewer. They laugh and want to pose even more.

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